Past Projects - Rollins Air Conditioning and Heating

Past Projects

Our company has completed many/many hundreds, even (thousands) of high quality residential  jobs within the past.

We shall provide a  partial listing:

ad rollins May Fair Church of Christ-Huntsville Alabama

MayFair Church of Christ-Huntsville Alabama

ad rollins MaryEClarke

Major General Mary Elizabeth “Betty’ Clark her past home

ad logo rollins wac

US Army Female WAC Museum Ft. McClellan Alabama

Tow Missile Test Range (4) Buildings US Army Corp of Engineers Redstone Arsenal, AL

  • Addition to First Christian Church-Huntsville, Ala:
  • Tow Missile Test Range, (4) Bldgs, for U.S. Army Corp Of  Engineers:  Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Test Lab. U.S. Army–Redstone Arsenal Thiokol Area, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Lazor Research Center-U.S. Army, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Sound Acustical Research Facilities, High Bay Area–Boeing Company, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Air Conditioning, Environmental Control System For, $12,000,000.00, In value cost for Cluster Of GE Computers–NASA Bldg. 4606–Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:  More than 1-computer!!!!  Each with it’s own auto control system:
  • Modifications to Wolverine Tube Company New Copper Furnace, With new Foxboro control system, and approx. 300-ft. 8″ over head gas piping:
  • Modifications to High Pressure Air System- 7,500-PSI—-NASA Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New Lazer Research Facilities-U.S. Army-Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New, Target Mirrow Air Wash System-providing a true, and proven to be–99-% pure clean air, stream over flowing the target mirror, all tested, and proven to be, and documented to be, by a third party independent testing outside agency.  All to U.S. Army Specifications, and approval by U.S. Army-Redstone,. Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Installation of a-500-ton Trane Centrifugal Chiller apparatus, with water pumps, valves, piping, and auto controls–U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal, Alabama: All approved, and accepted by U.S. Army:
  • Installation of one- 500-Ton Carrier Centrifugal Chiller Apparatus, with (5)-15-HP Water Pumps, valves, piping, and auto control system:  U.S. Army-Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Installation of- 400-Ton Trane Centrifugal Chiller Apparatus, with connecting controls, valves, piping for complete operation:  Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Installation of- 350-Ton Trane Centrifugal Chiller Apparatus,. with connecting piping, valves, and auto controls:  Redstone, Arsenal, alabama:
  • Installation of- 250-Ton Dunham-Bush–Chiller apparatus, with all connecting piping, valves, auto controls, and an excess of over, 200,000-Sq. Ft. Air Flow Duct Work:
  • U.S. Army-Redstone Arsenal;, Alabama:
  • Installation of- 100-Ton Air Cooled Chiller Apparatus, U.S. Army, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Funeral Home, Arab, Alabama:
  • Electrical Co-Op Facilities-Arab, Alabama:
  • Neighborhood Center-Hartselle, Alabama:
  • New U.S Post Office facility-Hartselle, Alabama:
  • Addition-Modifications to Post Office-Decatur, Alabama:
  • Modifications,and additions to Arab Hospital-Arab, Alabama: 
  • Addition to, Arab High /school-Arab, Alabama:
  • Addition to, Huntsville, High School, Huntsville, Alabama:
  • Addition to, Weatherly Heights Elementary School-Huntsville, Alabama:
  • Addition to, Sparkman High School-Madison County, Alabama:
  • Addition to, East Limestone School-Limestone County, Alabama:
  • Addition to, Holly Wood School-Jackson County, Alabama:
  • Installation of, New Environmental Control System, for New City Administration Facilities, and Interconnected, Crow Bar Hotel Facilities-Habitats refer to it as, just jail:  Stephenson,  Jackson County, Alabama:  U’e little rascals up there’in Jackson better have’ure selves, cause each duct wall penetration, is accompanied by  5/8″ heavy steel bars welded, and bolted safely, and soundly in place:  Just refer to it as, ur’e home sweet home, til things get better: 
  • Neighbor Recreational Center, Guntersville, Alabama:
  • Addition to First Christian Church, Huntsville, Alabama:
  • Modifications, and expansion too, Limestone County Hospital, Athens, Alabama:
  • New Hospital Facilities-Lawrenceburg, Tennessee:
  • New Physical Recreational Facilities-Madison Academy, Madison, Alabama:
  • New Restaurant Facilities-Henry Horton State Park-Tennessee:
  • New Restaurant Facilities-David Crocket State Park, Tennessee:
  • New Bank Facility-Fayetteville, Tennessee:
  • New Gas Service Facilities-Fayeteville, Tennessee:
  • Addition to Sparkman High School-Hartsville, Alabama:
  • Addition, Modifications to Lime Stone County Technical Training Facilities-Limestone, Alabama:
  • Addition, to Madison County School-Madison County, Alabama:
  • NASA Solar Research Testing Facility-A&M University, Normal, Alabama:
  • Modifications, Noise Sound Control-Eliminations Device Installation, and Modifications, U.S.  Army, for Rayethon Radar Missile Defense System, Training Facilities, NATO, and US Army Personal:  Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • Many, U.S. Army Mechanical Modification, installation, and New Systems-Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New Mechanical system with new Gas Boiler, air handlers, pumps, valves, auto controls, and all required piping–New School North City of Huntsville, Alabama:
  • Constitutional Hall Museum Facility-City of Huntsville, Alabama:
  • New 100-H.P. Gas Boiler, valves, piping, and auto controls-U.S. Army-Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New 90-H.P. Oil Fired Boiler, with new 10,000-Gallon under Ground oil storage tank-with all interconnecting  valves, piping, and auto controls-U.S. Army–Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New 90-HP Gas Boiler, with all new valves, piping, and auto controls-U.S. Army-Redstone, Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New AC system for-Lincoln Baptist Church-Huntsville, Alabama:
  • New Mechanical System, All New AC  systems, for Business Administration Facilities, Oakwood College, Alabama:
  • New Mechanical system, Heating, and Air Conditioning Systems, for New Oakwood College Seventh Adventist Church Facilities—OakWood College, Oakwood, Alabama:  198-Tons romping, stomping, pulsating heat’in ai’ur:
  • Mechanical System, for New Science Building-Oakwood College Church, Oakwood, Alabama:
  • Addition To First Methodist Church-Huntsville, Alabama:
  • Several New Church Additions, around the City of Huntsville, Alabama-I can not remember them all:
  • New, Methodist Church-Mastin Lake Road-Huntsville, Alabama:
  • Addition, to Blue Springs Baptist Church-Huntsville, Alabama:
  • NASA Mechanical Package No. 6-Several Mechanical Projectw all within one contract;  NASA Redstone Arsenal, alabama:
  • New, Test Facility-U.S. Army-(In Cow Pasture), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New, High Pressure Nitrogen Piping System Contract-NASA-Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • New FoxBoro Automatic Control System with new Modifications for, High Pressure boiler system—NASA Redstone Arsenal, Alabama:
  • And Many Additional Homes as well:   Many small businesses: